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Trivia Online

Our online trivia game launched in 1995 as a music trivia site and now has grown to over a quarter million registered players and tens of millions of games played. The game itself captures data that helps shape the content. Over the years visitors time spent on the site has increased dramatically. The game provides a targeted environment to monetize visitor eyeballs. A unique game that has a loyal dedicated following.

Trivia Game Application

Trivia Game is an all inclusive program that runs on any UNIX or NT web server and adds a complete web based game to a web site. Trivia Game is designed to seamlessly fit into the design flow of any web site. An advanced simple-to- use administration system gives web masters the same benefits the bigger trivia sites get from there games .only at a fraction of the cost. The game includes content and has the added feature of buying additional changeable content gamepacks.

Custom Trivia Programming

As experienced produces of trivia game programming and content building we offer our services for hire to develop customized games for clients. We create games in any platform including flash, JavaScript or cgi script games. Knowing how to create a winning game takes the right mix of content and programming, to achieve the proper results.

Subscriber Based Trivia Newsletter

Our opt-in subscriber based trivia newsletter provides a targeted vehicle for advertisers and promotion for our in-house products. This content rich e-mailed newsletter provides the subscriber with timely themed trivia tidbits and information. A real hit with our user base.

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