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We supply Trivia content from our database of 300,000 plus trivia questions and factoids or custom written content to meet your requirements. We welcome opportunities to work closely with advertising agencies and marketing companies to help put together effective promotional content for their clients.. We have supplied content to producers of handheld games, bar top games, mobile applications, board games, magazines, books, company trade show presentations, product packaging, radio shows, TV shows, live shows, cruise ship games, video games, newsletters and more.

Let us help bring your game or promotional ideas to life.


DVD technology has come a long way recently and now we offer affordable productions of branded trivia DVD game titles with custom content. DVD games are popular and make a great promotional product. We specialize in producing entertaining and effective DVDs based around a trivia game. We can insert your message (commercial) within the game through the use of our "rounders' system.

Our Public Viewing Trivia games marketed as Bar Time Trivia are used as effective self-running entertainment in bars and restaurants. Our home versions marketed under the Party time Trivia label and distributed under the TUTM label are sold nationwide in retail outlets.


Our years of our web experience has made us experts in producing and developing online games using trivia. We have off the shelf programming that can bring any web site alive with a trivia game which includes many features of the big game sites. If your needs require specific ideas you have developed we can help bring them to life with our custom development processes. We always work within confidentiality agreements and keep your game ideas in strict confidence. We can provide the whole package programming, content and the expertise to put it all together.


We recognize that some entrepreneurs and developers have their own staff to produce content and programming, in these cases we can fill the gap that our vast experience brings. We offer our services as consultants to help ensure your ideas are sound and concepts achievable. We have seen many games come and go and know what it takes to be successful. We are available to help you minimize your risk and maximize your potential.


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