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About Trivia Company

Trivia Company is a network of web properties, products and services that make up an entertainment business centered on people's love of playing trivia games. We create content/programming as finished products and we supply content/programming to other companies as a key part of their product/service development.

History of Company:

Trivia Company is a wholly owned subsidy of Web Marketing Services, Inc. ( ). Since 1995 and the explosion of the internet, Trivia Company has grown from a single web site trivia game to a thriving organization with vast array of products and services (both online and offline). This dedicated commitment to the trivia industry has positioned Trivia Company as the #1 experts in trivia worldwide.

Trivia Company has assisted hundreds of companies utilize trivia to meet their projects objectives whether it was for entertainment, education, marketing or revenue generating purposes. Our consulting services has saved many organizations huge dollars by leading their organization down the best project path, We are very proud of this fact here at Trivia Company.
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